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Consumer Terms and Conditions


•WE / US / OUR - Indicates a reference to EasyLimo, and our associated trading names

•YOU / YOUR - Indicates a reference to You, Your Traveling Party, and any persons associated with Booking.

•AGENT / SUPPLIER - Indicates a reference to our supplying Agent / Provider of Transportation.

1.1 We shall sell and YOU shall purchase the Service in accordance with any quotation or offer of which is accepted by YOU, or any reservation by YOU which is accepted by the US, subject in either case to these Conditions.

1.2 A contract will only come in to being upon the acceptance, the following conditions shall be deemed to be incorporated in the contract. YOU accept these terms & conditions by placing a reservation, booking with US via but not limited to OUR; web site: www.easylimo.com, via telephone, or via any representative.

1.3 The Contract will be subject to these conditions. WE reserve the right to revise these terms & conditions at any time without prior notice at its sole discretion. Any revised terms and conditions will be posted on OUR website and will come into effect 1 hour after posting.

1.4 No reservation order submitted by YOU shall be deemed to be accepted by US or AGENT/SUPPLIER unless and until confirmed in writing by US via email, post or otherwise.

1.5 The Agreed price is the price to be paid for the journey as agreed between US and YOU, the Customer. The times, route and other details of the journey are stipulated on the booking confirmation. Any requests to modify any of these details should be made to us at least 7 days in advance of the date of travel and we will endeavour to accommodate minor changes to YOUR requirement subject to our ability to do so. Agreed journey changes, including additional pick up or drop off points, may result in additional costs. Any additional cost will be notified to you at the time the requested changes are accepted by US.

1.6 Illustrations, photographs or descriptions whether in the website, brochures, price lists or other documents issued by US are intended as a guide only and the contents shall not be binding on US.

1.7 We or the AGENT/SUPPLIER reserve the right to make any changes in the specification of the services which are required to conform with any applicable safety or other statutory or regulatory requirements or, where the services are to be supplied to OUR specification, which do not materially affect their performance.

1.8 No variation to these Conditions shall be binding unless agreed in writing between the YOU and US.

1.9 All bookings are confirmed by the payment in advance of a non-refundable deposit. The balance due is the amount outstanding net of any deposit paid. The balance is due for payment at the time and place of the first pick up on the day of hire. The agreed payment method appears on the booking confirmation. Any exceptions to this policy will appear on the booking confirmation and will have been discussed at the time of booking. We do not accept cheques, debit cards, credit cards or foreign currency as final payment on the day of the hire unless agreed in advance. Settlement of the agreed price in advance by cheque or electronic transfer must allow adequate time for funds to be cleared before the date of travel. Credit card payments are subject to a 5% (five per cent) surcharge on the transaction amount. Card Transactions will be processed by HSBC BANK PLC on OUR behalf, and will appear in your card statement as "EASY LIMO"

1.10 Sales literature, price lists and other documents issued by US in relation to the service may be subject to alteration. No contract for the offer of service shall be binding on US unless WE issue a quotation which is expressed to be an offer of service; or WE accepted a reservation placed by YOU, by whichever is the earlier of:-

1.10.1 OUR written acceptance;

1.10.2 delivery of the service;

1.11 Any typographical, clerical or other accidental errors or omissions in any sales literature, quotation, price list, acceptance of offer, invoice or other document or information issued by US shall be subject to correction without any liability by OUR part.

1.12 WE reserve the right, by giving YOU notice at any time before delivery, to increase the price of the service to reflect any increase in the cost to US which is due to any factor beyond OUR control (such as, without limitation, any foreign exchange fluctuation, currency regulation or alteration of duties, any change in delivery dates, quantities or specifications for the service which is requested by YOU, or any delay caused by any instructions or by YOUR failure to give US adequate information or instructions.

1.13 WE reserve the right to use the services of AGENT/SUPPLIER (herein known as provider of transportation) to provide services to YOU. Where appropriate details i.e. name, contacts, address - of any such AGENT/SUPPLIER will be provided by US upon any reasonable request and at OUR discretion.

1.14 WE will not be held responsible for financial or personal loss to YOU or YOUR group in the event of mechanical failures and events beyond OUR control. Events beyond OUR control include (but are not limited too) war, threat of war, riots, civil disturbances, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, epidemics, technical problems with transport including changes due to rescheduling or cancellation of hire by US or one of OUR AGENTS or alteration of the vehicle or vehicle type for reasons beyond OUR control or that of our AGENTS and SUPPLIERS; closed or congested roads, villages, towns and cities, hurricanes, other actual or potential severe weather conditions (whether materialised or not), and any other similar events. Whether this effects timings of pick-ups and/or cancellation of the hire by OUR AGENT or SUPPLIER at immediate or limited notice to YOU, whether YOUR hire period has indeed begun or not.

1.15 Should YOUR vehicle be unavailable, WE will endeavour to match or exceed YOUR booked vehicle with an equivalent or better model. WE are unable, therefore to guarantee any specifications to vehicles, including (but not limited to); interior features, possible decorative themes, amounts of inclusive beverages and colour scheme (including body colour) of YOUR vehicle.

1.16 WE reserve the right to change the vehicle requested for a hire by YOU at any time. This includes (but is not limited to) the colour and the style of the vehicle (including model type). WE will only do so if we feel the requested vehicle is unfit to carry YOU and YOUR passengers and will do our best to replace the vehicle with an identical model, however cannot guarantee to do so. By placing a booking, YOU are confirming YOU are accepting this policy, and WE will not be held responsible for claims regarding this policy by YOU against US or our AGENT.

1.17 Damages, subsequent costs of repairs of such damages to the limousine hired as used by YOU and/or your guests howsoever caused is your responsibility. Additionally, in the event that one of the party is sick or soils in the limousine we will charge £100.00 to make the vehicle good. Where the booking was secured using a credit/charge card you the customer here agree that we may deduct from that card damages as they have arisen. In the event that a credit/charge card was not used for securing the booking we will invoice you directly should the additional payment not be made on the night.

1.18 Overtime charges begin immediately after the end time as set out in the box titled “Ends By”. Under this agreement the over time rate per hour or part there of is £100.00. Payment of all overtime charges must be settled before the end of the hire. We do not accept cheques, debit cards, credit cards or foreign currency as payment on the day of the hire. In the event that payment of overtime charges cannot be made on the day of the hire, YOU agree the amount to be charged to the credit/debit card with which the booking was made. Credit card payments are subject to 5% (five per cent) surcharge on the transaction amount.

1.19 We offer a range of hire options, including a pick up and return service, a one way service and a continual hire service. Unless YOU have opted for a continual hire agreement, other customers may have hired the vehicle before or after the outward or homeward bound legs of your journey. The inside of the car will be cleaned and replenished as necessary between these hires.

1.20 We or/and AGENT/SUPPLIER are unable to take responsibility for loss of property left in the vehicle at any time or under any circumstances.

1.21 In the unlikely event of a break down or the car being rendered unserviceable (for example, in the event of collision) the AGENT/SUPPLIER will use they best endeavours to provide a back up vehicle or vehicles as quickly as possible. However, WE or the AGENT cannot be held liable for any consequential loss incurred as a result of vehicle breakdown or similar unavailability.

Cancellations / Cancellation charges:

PLEASE NOTE:  Where the booking was secured using a credit/charge card you the customer here agree that we or/and AGENT/SUPPLIER may deduct from the card any cancellation fee as per the following cancellation terms. 

2.1 Reservations that have been accepted and confirmed by the US may be cancelled by YOU by telephone on: +44 (0)208 991 1074. Vehicles that are cancelled by YOU after reservation acceptance by US shall incur a cancellation charge.

2.1.1 Cancellations that are not informed of are deemed to be of the status ”NO SHOW” and will subject to a charge of 100%.

2.1.2 Cancellation informed 7 days or more prior to booked journey are subject to a charge of 50% of the quoted total.

2.1.3 Cancellations informed 4 to 2 days prior to the booked journey are subject to a charge of 75% of the quoted total.

2.1.4 Cancellation's not informed up to 24 hour's prior to the time of booking cancellation charge incurred: 100% of quoted total.

2.1.5 Vehicles that are booked by the YOU that are not suitable for the purpose for which they have been booked for will be subject to booking cancellation charge of 100%. General Applications

2.2 WE shall not be liable to YOU or be deemed to be in breach of the Contract by reason of any delay in delivery or in performing, or any failure to perform, any of OUR obligations in relation to the Service, if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond OUR/AGENT reasonable control. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the following shall be regarded as causes beyond OUR/AGENT reasonable control directly or indirectly:-

2.2.1 act of God, explosion, flood, tempest, fire or accident;

2.2.2 war or threat of war, sabotage, insurrection, act of terrorism, civil disturbance or requisition;

2.2.3 acts, restrictions, regulations, byelaws, prohibitions or measures of any kind on the part of any governmental, parliamentary or local authority;

2.2.4 traffic accidents, traffic hold ups, traffic congestion;

2.2.5 strikes, lockouts or other industrial actions or trade disputes (whether involving OUR/AGENT employees or of a third party);

2.2.6 flight delays, flight cancellations, early arrivals;

2.2.7 power failure or breakdown in machinery including vehicles and computer systems.


3.1 No waiver by US of any breach of the Contract by YOU shall be considered as a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same or any other provision.

3.2 In any claims or/and if, the court finds against US the maximum amount awarded should be limited to the amount the claimant paid to US.

3.3 If any provision of these Conditions is held by any competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part the validity of the other provisions of these Conditions and the remainder of the provision in question shall not be affected thereby.

3.4 The Contract shall be governed by the laws of England & Wales.

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